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We are engineers so we can't really go on a crazy adventure without compiling statistics!

Below we have tried to gather all the things we find fun to share, like the maxiumum distance travelled or the number of countries we've travelled through so far...and cats. 

The Journey in Numbers

  • Number of countries covered: 24
  • Total number of days: 348
  • Days in the saddle: 234
  • Rest days: 114
  • Total number of hours of pedalling: 1 236
  • Maximum number of consecutive days without rest: 14

The Dark Side

  • Full on crashes: 1
  • Maximum numbers of days without a shower: 6
  • Number of flat tires: 44
  • Ripped tires: 2
  • Broken spokes: 1
  • Cracked rims: 1
  • Broken pannier-hooks: 4
  • Snapped back-derailleurs: 1
  • Broken sleeping mattresses: 3


  • Total: 20 394 km  
  • Average per day in the saddle: 87 km
  • Average per day ink. rest days: 58 km
  • Maximum in one day: 188 km
  • Minimum in one day: 22 km

Uphill Climbs

  • Total: 134 148 meter  
  • Highest pass: 4 655 meter
  • Lowest valley: -154 meter
  • Average per day in the saddle: 576 meter
  • Average per day ink. rest days: 386 meter
  • Maximum in one day: 2 062 meter
  • Minimum in one day: 4 meter


We know it's not a race but going down a steep hill after a long climb, it's hard not to get a little competitive.

Sleeping in my...

Not all nights are the same and as we keep moving we find ourself sleeping in very different type of places; sometimes we choose to pay for comfort and sometimes we sleep directly under the stars.


While we travel we are keeping tabs on the number of cats we pass by. In order to ensure that each cat is only counted once, no cats are counted when we stay somewhere overnight. As can be deducted by the graph, cats are not as common in Asia as in Europe :(

  • Total cats spotted: 803  
  • Average (whole) cats per day: 3
  • Maximum cats in one day: 37