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This blog belongs to Robin Imskog and Ida Ginstrup, two engineers from Malmö who decided to bicycle from Sweden to Singapore. 

We did this trip for ourselves, for the adventure of moving through parts of the world we wouldn't otherwise get to see and at a pace dictated by the road under our wheels and the strength of our legs; travelling through instead of just flying over. I guess we needed to do it before we are too old (even if Ida's mum says that she's not that young anymore...) and attached to not be able to do a trip like this.

We planned a route from Malmö to Singapore but it was never a route set in stone as we still wanted to be able to make changes depending on anything from bad weather to a tip from a local.  

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Robin Imskog

Age: 35 years
Born: Jönköping, Sweden
Work and education: Fire Protect- and Risk Management Engineer 
Dreams of: Sailing the world 
Likes: Adrenaline
Dislikes: Being told what to do
Addicted to: Youtube/Googling/Learning
Missed:  Coffee, Craft beer and proper hygene
Greatest fears going in to this trip: Ida being hungry
Expectations for this trip: A new prespective on things
Takeaway: Everthing can done if broken down into smaller components

Ida Ginstrup

Age: 29 years
Born: Växjö, Sweden
Work and education: Fire Protect- and Risk Management Engineer
Dreams of: Never ending adventures
Likes: Cats! And cookies
Dislikes: The common onion
Addicted to: Coffee and books
Missed: My bed and my friends
Greatest fears going in to this trip: Being cold and losing my toes
Expectations for this trip: That we actually make it all the way!
Takeaway: Things are rarely as hard as they sound and wind makes all the differance